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Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep your investment in optimal shape with our solar panel cleaning services

If a regularly-serviced vehicle runs better than a rarely-serviced vehicle, there should be no surprise that solar panels perform more efficiently when given the proper amount of attention.

Along with keeping the windows of your vehicle crystal-clear and debris-free, why not also give your home’s solar panels the same care?

Dust, Leaves, Water, and Bird Droppings: The Most Common Blockers of Effective Solar Panels

Over the years, too much dust can trigger problems for your solar panels. Aside from the typical grime that builds up over time, your location and time between cleaning plays a big role.

But at the end of the day; solar panels perform at a significantly higher level when cleaned regularly.

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) conducted a study that highlights a potential 30% energy yield loss per year with solar panels that don’t receive cleaning on a quarterly basis.

PV arrays require special attention if positioned in an area where they’re likely to accumulate more dust. If your PV arrays are positioned near farmland or main roads, they will require more frequent cleaning.

Bird Droppings: Enemy No. 1

If your solar power panels are covered with bird droppings, it  could be more detrimental than a light film of dust.

If your panels use a string inverter or micro-inverters, it’s important to take note. Systems with microinverters (an inverter attached to each separate panel), can highlight each part of the solar panel covered with bird droppings. In these types of situations, the bird droppings can cause the inverter to stop showing current flow.

If you live in an area with lots of trees nearby (especially deciduous ones), leaves are going to cover your rooftop and attract birds. Over time, leaves and bird droppings will most likely cause build-up and debris, making it more important to regularly clean your solar panels.

Citi Window Wash is the Best and Most Professional Way to Clean Solar Panels.

Air pollution can also play a role in how your solar panels perform. Pollution build-up is common on arrays located near local factories and densely populated cities.

When is it Time to Hire Professional Help?

If it’s just some built-up dust, professional cleaning services might not be for you at this time. However, it’s important to realize when the task becomes too hazardous to handle by yourself.

Expert facility management companies recommend cleaning your solar panel system at least 2-4 times a year. This keeps your investment in tip-top shape, ensuring a more efficient and cost-saving future.

The Citi Window Wash team is here to remind you that its always a great time to get your solar panel system up and running at its best. Just think of all the energy your array could be losing, just because you avoided a routine maintenance check.

If You’re Losing Energy, You’re Losing Money

You could be losing up to the following percentages per quarter, if cleaning is not on your agenda:

  • Year 1 Q1: 5% Energy Loss
  • Year 1 Q2: 10% Energy Loss
  • Year 1 Q3: 15% Energy Loss
  • Year 1 Q4: 20% Energy Loss
  • Year 2 Q1: 25% Energy Loss
  • Year 2 Q2: 30% Energy Loss
  • Year 2 Q3: 35% Energy Loss
  • Year 2 Q4: 35% Energy Loss

Call Citi Window Wash today for a free quote on cleaning and maintaining your solar panel arrays.

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