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Residential Window Washing

We do residential window cleaning so you don’t have to

Why should you hire Citi Window Wash to come to your residence?  That is because cleaning your own windows can be time-consuming and difficult.

We believe residential window cleaning is just as important as regularly cleaning the rest of your home.  At Citi Window Wash we clean exterior and interior residential windows of all sizes, heights, and types, including most sunrooms and skylights.   Optional pricing is available as well for a thorough cleaning of the interior windowsill and jamb, which we call “Deep Cleaning”.  This is the area that is exposed when the window is opened.  This upgrade is available when you schedule a complete interior/exterior window cleaning appointment. 

Do you live in a newly built or remodeled home?  We offer “post-construction” window cleaning as well, which removes all the remaining debris and residue left on the windows from the construction process.

Citi Window Wash also offers some additional services to our homeowners:

  • Chandelier cleaning
  • Light fixture cleaning (exterior and interior)
  • Mirror cleaning
  • China hutch & cabinet door glass
  • Glass shower installations
  • Ceiling fan dusting
  • Glass railing panels on decks and stairwells
  • Solar panels

Please contact us today for a free estimate.  We make the process simple and affordable with our customized subscription services. Whether once a year or once a week, we make every day a brighter one.

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